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How To Submit Claim Report

“After completing a project, freelancers can easily submit a claim report through our platform. Simply navigate to the ‘Project Completion’ section, provide a detailed description of the completed work, and attach any relevant files. Our dedicated team will review your claim promptly, ensuring a smooth resolution process and seamless payment for your exceptional services.”

Step #01

Project Completion Confirmation: Once you’ve completed the project, log in to your freelancer account and navigate to the project dashboard.

Step #02

Locate ‘Submit Claim Report: On the project dashboard, find the ‘Submit Claim Report’ button or link associated with the completed project.

Step #03

Provide Detailed Information: Fill out the claim report form, providing a comprehensive description of the work completed, any deliverables, and any relevant supporting documents.

Step #04

Submit and Await Review: After completing the form, click ‘Submit’ to send your claim report to our support team. Our team will review your claim promptly and ensure a fair resolution, providing you with updates throughout the process.

By following these four simple steps, you can easily submit a claim report to ensure a smooth process after completing their projects on Gigz freelance platform.